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In partnership with Artists for Haiti, the Stiller Foundation has awarded a grant to the Smithsonian Foundation's Haiti Cultural Recovery Project.  The Haiti Cultural Recovery Project has been working to preserve and restore Haiti's rich cultural heritage in the wake of the 2010 earthquake, and it has already saved some 35,000 artworks, artifacts, rare books and historical documents, trained more than 100 Haitians in basic conservation, and built safe and secure storage facilities for Haitian collections.

Funds donated by the Stiller Foundation will cover the expenses for the next major phase of the Project, the construction of the Haiti Cultural Recovery Center.  With space for conservation studios, workshops, classrooms, offices, and storage , the new Center will provide the base for conserving Haitian collections for the next generation and enable heritage damaged and endangered by the earthquake to be preserved.

For more information on the Smithsonian Institution's Haiti Cultural Recovery Project visit their website and read the book Saving Haiti’s Heritage which documents the Project's progress so far.

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