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In December 2011, the Stiller Foundation and the Digicel Foundation announced a partnership to build eight schools in Haiti.  The first four schools were completed in 2012, and four additional schools are currently under construction.

École Communautaire Marie Citée Morisset

École Mixte la Providence



École Communautaire de la Fraternité de Petite Source

La Gonave

The École Communautaire Marie Citée Morisset de Sanoix previously served approximately 550 students in an unfinished building intended for use as a private morgue and funeral home.  The preschool operated in a shelter constructed of traditional materials.  A new school has been built on a nearby piece of land, and held its official opening ceremony on November 14, 2012.

The École Mixte la Providence served more than 100 students in an inadequate and potentially unsafe building rented in a market town.  A new school has been built on a nearby piece of land, and held its official opening in November 2012.

The École Communautaire de la Fraternité de Petite Source was founded 20 years ago on La Gonave, an island in the Gulf West of Port au Prince.  The school provides primary education for 150 students from an inland agricultural community on the island, but due to the remote location, it has been difficult for the school to attract support.  Classes were previously held in a small church building, but a new school building opened nearby in November 2012.

Institution Scolaire MUSPAN

Institution Mixte les Fréres Abraham

École Baptiste Salem and Institution La Référence


Mon Bouton


The Stiller Foundation has joined with the Happy Hearts Fund and the Digicel Foundation to rebuild the Institution Scolaire MUSPAN in Port-au-Prince. The school was founded in 2002 but destroyed during the earthquake. However, it soon reestablished itself at a nearby IDP camp, restarting in April 2010 with 65 students. The student population has more than quadrupled since that time, and a new three-story school building opened in October 2012, with room for up to 400 students.

Mon Bouton is a near inaccessible mountain-top community in Oeste very close to the epicenter of the earthquake. Until now, the community has been served by two small schools, with a total enrollment of only 90 students.  Construction on the Institution Mixte les Fréres Abraham began on June 11th, 2012. Principal construction of the school was finished in November 2013, and the school is expected to be complete by January 2014. The new six-classroom school will serve nearly 200 students.

In March 2013, the Stiller Foundation and Digicel selected the sixth, seventh, and eighth schools to be built under the partnership. Two of these schools,  École Baptiste Salem and Institution La Référence in Dondon, are complete and held their inaugurations on November 7, 2013. The two new schools now house a total of 750 standard and pre-school students.

École Nationale

Charles Moravia


Construction is nearly complete at the eighth school to be constructed under the Stiller Foundation-Digicel partnership,  École Nationale Charles Moravia, in Jacmel. The nine-classroom school will house 500 students, and will feature an IT-lab, an administrative office, and latrines. École Nationale Charles Moravia is expected to be completed by December 18, 2013.

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