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Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) is a global grassroots movement of local chapters in developed countries that aims to empower people in the developing world by helping them solve the basic problem of mobility.  It was founded on the core belief that a bike can change a life in a poor country by allowing improved access to education, employment, healthcare, food and water and economic opportunities.  As of 2013, B4H has 50 active chapters around the world, and it has has collected and shipped more than 60,000 bikes to Africa.

The bicycles are shipped in Bicycle Empowerment Centers (BECs), which are essentially bicycle shops in a box.  Stocked with 450-500 bicycles, tools, spare parts and accompanied by comprehensive training in bicycle mechanics, it is designed to empower disadvantaged people and their communities with their own transport and their own means of maintaining it.

The Stiller Foundation supports B4H's Karamoja Initiative, which seeks to deliver bicycles to Karamoja, a region in Northeastern Uganda.  Under this initiative, more than 3,000 bikes were delivered in 2012, and an additional 1,500 are being delivered in 2013.  To learn more, visit: Bicycles for Humanity.

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