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The Stiller Foundation has also made donations to the Balfour Education Center, an alternative school in Henderson, North Carolina, which supports "at risk" students facing challenges such as truancy, emotional issues, failing grades, homelessness, childcare, and legal intervention. The Stiller Foundation's support financed community college scholarships, as well as the purchase of tablet computers and training equipment for students preparing for careers in health and fitness.

"On behalf of Henderson County Public Schools and the Balfour Education Center, I would like to extend my gratitude to the Ben Stiller and his foundation for their generous donation. The funds received will be used to directly support our students.  A portion of the funds will be used to develop a renewable, reoccurring scholarship for Balfour graduates wishing to attend college. Other funds will be used to enhance the education experience through various updates in technology.  By purchasing additional iPad classroom labs, Balfour students and teachers will begin using this 21st century technology for direct classroom instruction. Additional technology upgrades to the school will be the purchase and installation of SmartBoards strategically located through out the school. Thanks again for your investment in the lives and future of Balfour Education's Students, your generosity will make a difference." - Kent Parent, Principal Balfour Education Center

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