"Stealing great ideas from other people’s charities to build a school in Haiti"

In 2010, Ben Stiller launched Stillerstrong, an innovative online fundraising campaign to support the Cévérine School in the central plateau of Haiti.

For the fundraising campaign, the Stiller Foundation partnered with Causecast to produce a series of viral videos involving President Clinton, Lance Armstrong, Robert DeNiro, Owen Wilson, Ryan Seacrest and others who rallied around this important cause. This campaign ultimately raised more than $300,000, including a generous contribution of $100,000 from Bulgari.

The effort was successful and the school was inaugurated on January 15, 2011. The Ceverine School is now providing education to over 250 students.

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Stillerstrong Videos

STILLERSTRONG (part 1): Ben Stiller tells Lance Armstrong about Stillerstrong, his "original idea"

Lance Responds to Ben Stiller and STILLERSTRONG

STILLERSTRONG (part 2): Ben Stiller "gives" Owen Wilson a StillerStrong headband

STILLERSTRONG (part 3): Ben Stiller asks Ryan Seacrest to tweet about Stillerstrong

Ryan Seacrest Responds

STILLERSTRONG (part 4): Ben Stiller hires consultants to help make a viral video to Matt Damon

STILLERSTRONG (part 5): Ben Stiller calls Bill Clinton about helping Haiti together

STILLERSTRONG: Ben Responds To How Stillerstrong Will Work To Help The Earthquake Relief Effort

STILLERSTRONG: Ben Stiller Thanks China Center For Their Gracious Donation

STILLERSTRONG REMIX (ASHTON RETWEET IT) // feat. Ben Stiller & Robert Deniro


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